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Swedish "Kardemummabullar"

This cardamom bun is a Swedish classic to go with most "fika" sessions around Sweden. Enjoy them newly baked with a good cup of coffee.

Ingredients for approx. 30 big buns


50 g fresh yeast

100 g room tempered butter

Pinch of salt

0,5 litres of milk

100 g sugar

900 g all purpose flour

1 tablespoons whole cardamom seeds


75 g room tempered butter

1 tablespoon cardamom powder

2 tablespoons whole cardamom seeds

90 g sugar 


1 egg for final egg wash 

90 g brown sugar

Pinch of vanilla powder

0,2 litres of water 

50 g sugar (for topping)

How to do:

In a big bowl, part the yeast and add lukewarm milk and mix. When the yeast mixture is blended add salt, sugar, 1 tablespoon of crushed cardamom seeds and most of the flour. Work the mixture together to a dough and place on working bench with flour. Work the dough and little by little work in the room tempered butter. This might be a bit greasy and take some time, but it's well worth the effort. After working the dough for about 20 minutes, you will feel a big difference in the elasticity of the dough. When all the butter is combined, it's time to let the dough rest in the bowl under a towel, for about 40 minutes. Make sure the dough is not in a cold place or close to an open window. Turn on oven at 225-250 celsius degrees. Prepare a big baking pan covered with baking sheets. 

When the dough has been rising, place it onto the working bench with flour and shape it quickly. Divide the dough in two and roll out dough thinly in oblong pieces. Make sure you can easily lift and flip it around on the other side, without breaking. Spread soft butter over the whole dough and sprinkle sugar, cardamom powder and crushed cardamom seeds all over. Make sure all corners are covered with both butter and spices. Grab the corners on the long sides of the dough and flap it over, so it folds. With a knife of pizza cutter, make a thumbs wide bands. Twist the band, one by one and then roll them into buns. Fold in the last end under the bun, so it doesn't open up while baking. Place onto a baking sheet and let rest for 30 minutes under a towel.


While the first pan of buns are rising on the baking pan, it's time to start the same procedure with the second dough. When the buns has been rising, wash them with a whipped up egg and place in the centre of the oven for about 7 minutes. Keep an eye on them and take them out when they have a golden surface and underside. While the buns are baking it's time to prepare the syrup. Mix brown sugar, a bit of water and vanilla powder in a pot on medium heat. When the buns are taken out of the oven, make sure you brush them directly with the syrup and sprinkle sugar on top. When the buns get cold, it simply doesn't stick. When the second batch is in the oven, it's your time to stick your teeth in a "test-bun". 

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