Huevos Rancheros

Tacos goes at any hour in all varieties. For a filling breakfast, at lunch hour as a street snack or as a fun dinner with friends. Masa flour is a corn flour used to make tortillas. Found in well-assorted shops.



Ingredients serving 4 tacos


Corn Tortillas

300 g masa flour

Cold water

Spices (optional) to taste


2 ripe avocado

2 limes

4 tomatoes

Bunch of fresh coriander

Olive oil

Chili-salt to taste

How to do:

Start with preparing the tortilla dough. Blend masa flour with spices (if wanted) and then slowly drip in cold water and mix. Dough should not be wet nor sticky. Form a small ball and press it against your hand to see if it cracks in the corners. If it cracks in the corners, wet your hands and form it again. Press the small masa balls between plastic foil (if you're not a owner of a tortilla press) with something flat and even. Make sure the tortillas are as thin as they can get. Heat up a pan and bake them on a very hot and dry pan. Keep them warm in a kitchen towel while you prepare the toppings.

Core avocados and mash up in a bowl or in a pestle. Add lime juice, fresh coriander and chili salt to taste. Mix until smooth. Dice tomatoes and fry them in olive oil on medium heat in a pan. Season with chili salt and a pinch of pepper. Transfer to plate. In the same pan, add a good amount of olive oil and fry eggs, without over cooking the egg yolks. Plate the fried eggs over the tortillas, together with tomatoes and avocado mash. Lightly chop fresh coriander and serve with a lime cleft. 

If you don't feel like frying and mashing too much in the early morning, make it easy! Keep the tomatoes fresh, diced up with a squeeze of lime and chili salt to taste. Slice the avocados and drizzle olive oil, lime juice and a pinch of sea salt or chili salt over the fresh avocados. Serve with the tortillas and fried eggs and a bunch of fresh coriander. 

Pressed masa dough to be tortillas
Pressed masa dough to be tortillas
Guacamole, carrot puré and eggs
Guacamole, carrot puré and eggs
Breakfast champion!
Breakfast champion!